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Numerous surveys and studies show that companies that are active on Facebook and have a fan community are more successful than the average. The success was largely determined by sales.

Still, many companies are still shying away from the hassle of setting up a Facebook fanbase. In addition, many CEOs of smaller companies simply did not know their way around social media. It does not always have to be hard to raise your Facebook fans, because often you just have to know the right tricks. Some of these are summarized here.

The name – First and foremost, of course, a fan page must be created. Here many make the first mistake: a wrong page name. For many people name their Facebook page, for example, a similar scheme as: “xyzCompany”. Of course this does not generate much interest in people reading this title for the first time. So it’s important to show value for potential subscribers on behalf of the site. You should market yourself as someone who can help others and publish free tips.

Ad-free – It should not be links or ads for any products on a fan page, because the goal of a Facebook page is to be able to add fans in particular to a newsletter distributor. There, subscribers are offered even more added value and, from time to time, they also advertise their own products. With the help of an app, you can easily create an entry option for the newsletter on the fan page.

Quality is everything – Only good content should be created that is shared everywhere. Notes, videos and photos can be shared on the page. If you are a member of relevant groups, the post can be shared there too, which in turn brings traffic. If you are not yet a member of such groups, it may well be worthwhile searching for relevant communities on Facebook. However, you should have already published one or the other helpful post before sharing the posts of your own page. It also makes sense to invite all its existing customers to like the site.

Finally, of course, should be mentioned that when building Facebook Likes especially at the beginning not so easy. So, you have to buy Facebook followers, buy Facebook page likes, etc…

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