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Why buy Instagram followers? That is simple. If you have no followers, then you are not interesting, and there is little chance that people will follow you. People like to follow you when you seem interesting, and that is only when you have a lot of followers.

Move in the other person, which profile would you follow if you have to choose between 2? Would you choose for profile A with 235 followers or for profile B with 2784 followers? Option B sounds much more interesting right? Often it is that when there is one sheep across the dam, there are more to follow, and that is how it works for people. People are, just like sheep, also herd animals. Moreover, people often do not dare to take the first step.

Getting Instagram Followers is not difficult when you already have a good base, and you can of course also buy that basis. But IG followers alone is not enough. Your messages must also be of good quality and match with your profile. The better the posts connect to the page and your target group, the more it will yield you and get you out.

Create a successful Instagram page in 4 steps!

Step 1 – Choosing a topic. With a clear topic you have a clear target group. As an example we take a page about cats. The page name is of course something with cats in it. If you want to focus on a global audience, choose a name in English. Think of Catlover3000 or TheCutestCats.

Step 2 – Post targeted photos,  posting targeted photos. Now that the name has been chosen where the subject is clear, you can post cat pictures. Do not post pictures about dogs, or things you do in daily life. These posts are not relevant to your target audience. Your target group is only interested in cats!

Step 3 – Hashtags describe the photos, using the right hashtags with your photos. Always describe as well as possible what you can see on the photo. This way you get more visitors on your profile and more likes and followers. Is there a black cat pictured , you post the following tags:

#cat #kitty #blackcat #blackkitten #cats #blackcats #eatingcat #cateating #catfood #foodforcat #mycat #catathome #instacat #instacats … and so on

Step 4 – Make cat friends, contacting other cat lovers. So make cat friends. Every cat fan likes your messages, and you are likely to follow them. Sometimes you can get a new follower by giving just a like. The automation process of Instagram works just like that and therefore takes a lot of work off your hands. The automation ensures that people from the specified target group are approached with a like, a follow-up, or a reaction. You yourself determine what does and does not happen. Of course you can also do this manually yourself without help.

The result of the above steps is that once you have invested some time, you will receive likes on every new post, and the older posts get more and more likes. The number of followers will automatically increase as long as you follow the above steps.


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