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Instagram is just one of many social networks. However, the huge monthly number of users of around 500 million people alone shows how important this platform has become in recent years. If you want to build a great reach on Instagram, then you have to start collecting followers.

On the one hand you can here also simply Instagram Followers get through a commercial acquisition. However, we also want to show you how you – at best supplemented by our offer – can win new followers. These tips are also great for keeping you on the ball after buying a small jump start from us. After all, once credibility has been generated on your own profile through purchased followers, you can start winning new fans yourself.

Here are some tested and working rules that you should follow to get real Instagram followers sustainable after purchase.

  • The right hashtags – In Instagram, the pictures are sorted by hashtags. That’s why it’s important to use which one. This is how your pictures appear in the search queries of other users. However, you should not only select the most popular. It works best for about 3 Hashtags relevant for your picture and some Evergreens.
  • Regular posts – An inactive account usually does not get many followers, because many users tend to unsubscribe inactive profiles. A good way to get around this is to always provide your profile with new good content. A daily mail provides the ideal level.
  • Use filters – Not only do filters make your photos look better, they also give them a personal touch, making them stand out from the crowd. Just go through every filter on every image and pick the one that suits you best.
  • Create collagen – How about creating a picture collage instead of just uploading a single picture? Such pictures often bring much more, as they tell a story. There are tons of paid and free third party collage programs that you can use for this purpose.
  • Post at the right time – Even the most stunning images will receive little response when posted, while half of the community sleeps. Therefore, you should be careful to make your uploads when many people are active. This is usually in the morning before work and in the evening after work.
  • Follow, like and comment on others – Another good tip to get Instagram followers is simply to follow other users. Because often they also thank you with a subscription. In addition, you should like the pictures of others and comment on them to draw your attention.
  • Use a “Call to Action” – The descriptions of your pictures should contain a strong call to action or “Call to Action”. In it you should animate the visitors of your pictures to follow you and to comment and like your pictures.
  • Patience – Even keeping all these tips in mind, it may take a while for you to build up a significant number of followers, even though it works so remarkably faster than it does not. But above all, one thing is important: the consequence behind it. All of these tips will only be fully effective if you stay consistent and do not give up after a few months. Because in the social media area, patience and consistency pay off very much.
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