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Tips for YouTube Video Marketing

Meanwhile, with YouTube becoming the second largest search engine in the world, the potential of the video platform is enormous. Above all, companies looking for new distribution channels should definitely include the network in their marketing strategy. Not only that, the potential reach on YouTube is enormous; On the contrary, there are very good opportunities to build closeness and trust in your target group. Because here, on the one hand, your own products can be presented much more extensively and in more detail, and on the other hand, the comment function makes it easy to interact with the community. What you need to keep in mind to do successful video marketing on YouTube, you will learn throughout this article.

Which content should I post?

At this point, a differentiation should first be made between sales promoters and viewer-generating videos. Because the latter, in particular, are important for attracting visitors to their own channel, while precisely those visitors are introduced to their own products through the product videos.

Showers Generating Videos

As just mentioned, this type of video serves to channel a large number of visitors to their own YouTube channel. But what content should they have? Now in such videos, especially helpful information and solutions should be taught, which are interesting for your target audience .. It should also be taken care that the topics of the videos are not too broad, but really only a very specific problem per video to treat. As a suitable format for implementation, for example, offer tutorials, presentations and instructions.

Promotional / Product Videos

Here it goes to the point. The own products or services should be presented in as much detail and, of course, as attractive as possible, in order to turn the new visitors into new customers. For example, unboxings, presentations or tips for using the product can be created here.

The conversion from the video to the website

Now we come to the most important step in the whole article: to guide the viewer from the video to the website. If everything went well in advance, however, this step almost takes care of itself. Nevertheless, here are some tips that can help you to increase the so-called conversion rate.

  • In the video, be sure to mention that your viewers find the link to the product in the description. Especially at the end of the video you should place such a note.
  • The above-mentioned link to the website should be clearly visible in the description. Instead of putting it in the middle of a large block of text, he should stand alone at the beginning of the description.
  • On YouTube, you also have the additional option to show links in the middle of the video. You should also use this tool and show a reference in suitable places.

Better rankings for your videos

Even high-quality videos often do not bring the desired success. Because if those are not properly optimized for the corresponding search word, nobody finds them. Therefore, all videos should always be optimized for their respective keyword (= keyword). What you have to do, you can find here in short summary.

  • Title: You should definitely place your exact keyword in the title.
  • Video Description: Again, build your exact keyword. You should also take the word “video description” into account and describe in a short text what the video is about. 
    TIP: At the end of the description, list your keyword again along with all related relevant terms one after the other.
  • Subtitles: Be sure to create a subtitle for the video by tapping the soundtrack of the video. This helps YouTube interpret the content even better.
  • File name: This is where SEO starts. Name the file you upload to YouTube directly after your keyword.


Which of course also belongs to successful YouTube: active interaction with the community. You should always respond to the comments below your videos and respond as helpful as possible.

These tips will help you build a strong YouTube presence that will help you gain new customers long term. It should always be the long-term goal in mind, and always high quality content to be uploaded. In addition, patience is needed because no major YouTube star was born overnight.

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